How To Lose Weight With Jamaican Sea Moss

Jamaican Purple Sea Moss

Sea Moss is the newest superfood that has taken the wellness world by storm. But what the heck is sea moss and why is it growing so popular?

What is Sea Moss?

Sea moss is an edible sea algae that grows on rocks and reefs in the ocean. Its color varies from golden, dark tan, or purple, and it has thin stems that branch into a fan-line manner. When softened with water, it forms a jelly. And that's where the magic lies.

Its nutritious superpowers comes from its high content of minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants, prebiotics and mucilage. In fact, sea moss is said to have over 90% of the essential minerals the body needs! 

Due to its rich nutritional profile, it is touted for its many health benefits including digestive support, skin health, respiratory health, thyroid function, sexual health and more. But what has intrigued many is its positive effects on weight loss. It is being touted as the ultimate natural weight loss supplement, and the science seems to back this up.

How does Jamaican sea moss work for weight loss?

Jamaican Purple Sea Moss Gel

A study with 78 obese people found that adding 1,000 mg per day of red sea moss helped reduce body weight and total body fat mass.

How was this possible? Well, read on...

Jamaican Sea Moss regulates your appetite.

Jamaican Sea moss contains a natural additive that often serves as a thickening agent for foods called carrageenan. When you consume sea moss, these carrageenans turn to soluble fibers in your digestive tracts. As soluble fibers, they absorb water and form jelly or gel-like substances. These substances slow down digestion because your body cannot take them in.

Sometimes, these gel-like substances create stomach acids that help your body feel full. Hence, this makes them a great appetite suppressant agent. Hence sea moss is effective weight loss food.

Quick fact: This gel has the potential to help your body burn up to 170 calories.

In simpler terms, due to the carrageenan effect, water retention occurs in your digestive tract, and food moves through your digestive tract faster. Also, the high amount of fiber clears your digestive tract, which makes stomach empties slower. As a result, you might feel full for a long time, which helps you eat less.

Jamaican Sea Moss promotes fat metabolism.

Jamaican Sea moss is high in iron as it contains about 9 mg per 100 grams. Our body also needs iron for carrying oxygen in red blood cells to muscles and tissues in the body. If you have a low iron level, your muscles may not receive enough oxygen. Hence, your body cannot burn fat for fuel as well as it should. But, since sea moss is high in iron, your body’s fat metabolism increases.

Your body begins to break down stored fat and also reduce fat cell creation. Hence, you tend to achieve your weight loss goals faster.

In simpler terms, since your metabolism will be working at a faster rate, fat comes off quicker. And while this is going on, you will not be as hungry between meals. So you kill two birds with one stone while you lose weight fast.

Jamaican Sea Moss modulates your gut-friendly bacterias.

Gut’s friendly bacterias or gut microbiotas are a tiny group of bacteria in your large intestine that helps digest fibers to prevent weight gain. After a hard work of digesting fibers, these gut-friendly bacterias get hungry. Prebiotics are plant fibers that our gut's friendly bacteria — or gut microbiota like to eat.

A 2015 science study found that the prebiotics in red sea moss may improve gut health. Other science research also found that regular prebiotic consumption may help prevent and treat obesity.

Luckily, jamaican sea moss is full of prebiotics. When we consume sea moss, we are also feeding our gut bacterias with prebiotics. When they eat, they can help us to digest fibers and help our digestive tract run well. Hence, we lose weight fast.

Jamaican Sea Moss aids thyroid function and hormone production

Jamaican Sea Moss contains high levels of iodine which is not so common in a lot of foods. Unknowing to us, we need this mineral at a moderate level to make our thyroid gland work well. In a well-working thyroid gland, there are tiny pumps known as sodium iodide symporters. These pumps help iodine work with the thyroid to create the necessary hormones.

But, if your thyroid does not produce these hormones well, it could lead to a severe imbalance of energy and metabolic rate. Also, if these pumps lack enough iodine, the thyroid gland is equal to useless.

Since sea moss contains iron that is important for healthy thyroid function and the body's metabolism, it triggers your body to metabolize faster and control your appetite. In simpler terms, you tend to burn calories quickly. Also, your unhealthy cravings reduced

Consuming Jamaican Sea Moss Helps builds strong and lean muscles

Jamaican Sea moss contains an amino acid called Taurine. Taurine helps your body maintain proper electrolyte balance in your cells and regulate the calcium within your cells. It also helps to form bile salts which play a vital role in digestion. Because of all these functions, taurine can make the body burn fat and aid weight loss by increasing your body's use of fat for fuel.

Also, because your body is using fat as fuel, your body enters into ketosis. During ketosis, your body produces Beta-hydroxyButyrate (BHB). This BHB prevents the oxidation of leucine, which is one of the primary amino acids used in muscle building. So, your body preserves and increases your lean muscle mass which will help to burn more calories. Hence, weight loss.

How to consume Jamaican sea moss?

You can buy dried sea moss or the ones in powdered forms. You can also get jamaican sea moss as supplements in pills or liquid forms. But, fresh sea moss is often advised for consumption to get all the complete nutrients.

To make the most of its weight loss benefits, you can add it to your salads. And if you want to shed your weight fast, consider using it as a meal replacement in your diet.

You can also opt to make a sea moss gel if you cannot consume it at once. To make a sea moss gel, soak dried sea moss in fresh drinking water for about 12-24hrs. After soaking for that long, remove and blend. While blending, add fresh water until it forms a smooth consistency. Then pour the blended liquid into a jar and refrigerate for an hour or two.

You can add sea moss gel to your favorite smoothies, oatmeal, or whatever sounds good to you.

How often can I take sea moss?

You may now ask how many doses of sea moss can be consumed. Well, there is no set recommended dosage for sea moss. Nonetheless, doctors tell you that you should take 4g per day since that much does not pose any health risk.

Remember to always talk with a dietician before consuming the sea moss.

Are there any side effects of Jamaican Sea Moss? 

Large amounts taken in one sitting can have a laxative effect. Of course, consult with your doctor or dietitian to check if it is a safe food for you to consume.


Final verdict: Should you take sea moss?

Jamaican Sea moss is a great sea vegetable that serves amazing health benefits. It is also responsible for potential weight loss effects. It aids weight loss by promoting feelings of fullness, influencing fat metabolism, and improving your gut microbiota.

Consuming about 4g of sea moss every day will help your metabolism and thyroid glands perform at optimal levels. 

Where to buy Jamaican Sea Moss?


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