Can Sea moss improve hair growth? Science and culture say yes!

Can Sea moss improve hair growth? Science and culture say yes!

The hunt for the holy grail of haircare is never-ending, everyone wants to discover the newest phenomenon that will make hair longer, stronger, and healthier - faster than ever before. The newest superfood at the helm of fast hair growth comes from the shores of Jamaica - a red algae called sea moss.

What is Sea Moss?

Sea moss, also called Irish moss, is a type of red algae that grows on rocks and reefs on the sea bed along the coast of Jamaica. It is a nutrient-packed superfood that contains an alphabet soup of vitamins and minerals, and imparts a wide range of health benefits - including faster hair growth. It is available here in purple sea moss, gold sea moss and a range of colors in between.


Benefits of Sea Moss for Hair Growth 

The impressive nutrient profile of wildcrafted sea moss plays a vital role in upscaling hair growth and reclaiming lost hair. Wildcrafted Sea moss contains fatty acids, B-vitamins like biotin, protein, iron, zinc, and Vitamins A, C, D & E, among many others. Irish sea moss works on a cellular level and looks out for your hair at all levels of the hair growth cycle.

Sea Moss nourishes the hair bulb

Sea Moss benefits your hair by injecting vital nutrients into the living hair bulb beneath the dermis, promoting faster growth of stronger, thicker hair strands. It supports those rapidly multiplying cells in the growing phase allowing your hair to flourish spectacularly.

Sea Moss gel penetrates the hair shaft

The cocktail of nutrients swimming around in every gram of sea moss is geared to hydrate, replenish, and strengthen hair cells, making it one of the best hair growth treatments. To reap these benefits, make the sea moss into a gel, then apply the sea moss gel to the hair. When applied, sea moss gel benefits each precious strand through a cell-deep penetration of vitamins and minerals instrumental to developing a healthy, full head of hair. It also helps reduce the number of strands lost daily by reducing shedding and premature breakage.

Sea Moss reduces oxidative stress on the hair follicle

One of the most common offenders of healthy hair is oxidative stress, which interrupts the natural hair growth cycle. As an antioxidant, sea moss reduces oxidative stress, allowing your hair to grow unperturbed.

Purple Sea Moss Gel

Sea Moss contains Biotin

Biotin is a B-vitamin best known for its ability to treat hair loss. Most hair growth serums will have some percentage of biotin in their make-up. Unfortunately, biotin comes mainly from animals as a natural resource, so it’s not very vegan-friendly. Which makes sea moss even more incredible as it is an excellent source of biotin for vegans and vegetarians. 

Sea Moss for plant-based collagen

Sea moss is known as nature’s collagen, as it covers one of the most prominent base components in hair - proteins. It supports the natural production of collagen in the hair bulb, which by extension promotes healthy hair growth.

Sea Moss for Zinc

Zinc plays a huge part in the regressing phase of the hair cycle as it repairs hair tissue and even aids in the growth of new tissue in the growing phase. Zinc targets your cells directly. As a plus, it also encourages healthy oil production in the oil glands surrounding the hair. This aids in moisturization which leads to less brittle and less likely-to-break hair.

How to Use Sea Moss for Hair Growth

Many persons wonder whether you should eat your sea moss gel, or apply it topically for best hair growth results? The answer is to do both! Here are tips how to use your raw sea moss and sea moss gel in your healthy hair journey.

Use Sea Moss Gel as a Deep Conditioner

Make a gel with your sea moss, then apply the gel to your freshly washed hair as a conditioner. It can be left for extended periods in your hair to allow time to penetrate the hair shaft. Use as an overnight treatment or deep conditioner.

Apply sea moss gel to your scalp

Irish Moss is also great for skin, so you can use it to address any skin afflictions that may    be hindering your hair growth, such as psoriasis of the scalp, dry scalp, dandruff, or eczema of the scalp. Massage your scalp with sea moss gel, cover with a cap, and let it sit on the scalp as a mask. Rinse and enjoy healthier, more hydrated scalp and roots.

Consume Sea Moss for faster hair growth 

Beauty starts from the inside. Sea moss works at getting you healthy on the inside by nourishing your body at the cellular. Inevitably, the health of your cells will also reflect in healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Sea Moss Soap

What’s the verdict on sea moss for hair growth?

Women especially, manipulate their hair a lot, from brushing, teasing, combing and washing, to applying heat, chemicals, and dyes. For this reason, approximately 40% of women experience excessive hair shedding when styling their hair.

Sea moss steps in to make your hair more resistant to shedding and breaking, replenishes hair lost to alopecia, and adds gorgeous luster and shine. All-in-all this makes it an incredible organic treatment for hair growth.

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