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Cordoncillo Negro Herb | Matico | Piper aduncum | Wildharvested in Jamaica

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Cordoncillo Negro (Piper aduncum) is powerhouse herb that imparts a number of potent benefits to support healing and optimal health. It is native to Jamaica where we harvest it from the untouched wild forests where it grows naturally. It is most famously used to relieve stomach ailments and upper respiratory ailments. Among its potent health benefits:

- Relieves stomach aches, digestive issues, nausea (including that associated with pregnancy), vomiting, flatulence
- Pain relief (including menstrual cramps)
- Speeds up Wound Healing
- Relieves toothaches
- Addresses inflammation
- Stomach cancers
- Addresses various upper respiratory conditions
- Soothes throat
- Relieves cough
- Expels mucus from the respiratory tract
- Decongestion

This herb is very aromatic with a menthol-like taste that is quite enjoyable.


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