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Jamaican Purple Sea Moss (Raw, Wildcrafted)

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Powerful Purple Sea Moss - Jamaican Gracilaria - harvested with love off the coast of Jamaica and dried under the warm Jamaican Sun! This royal superfood is rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins, and is a great gift from Mama Sea to human health!

How to make purple sea moss gel

  1. First wash it at least 3 times with a strainer or colander to get off the sand and salt residue from the sea.
  2. Put it to soak in spring water. No pipe water! Use plenty water because the sea moss will absorb it. Make the water level 1 inch above the sea moss.
  3. Soak for 3 hours to rehydrate.
  4. After it soak and swell, blend it with a little fresh spring water until it is liquefied. Use immediately in your recipes or refrigerate for future use. It will turn to a gel after a few hours in the fridge. Use the gel in your smoothies, porridges, anything you can imagine.
  5. OR, you can simply keep the whole soaked sea moss in the fridge and take out a little each time you want some to use and blend it and add to your recipes.

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