The Duck Flower Detox - Everything You need to know - Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

The Duck Flower Detox - Everything You need to know - Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

Nature has provided us with a vast array of healing herbs that helps us to clean our system and leaves us healthy. One of these plants is the Duck Flower. This article tells you all you need to know about the Duck Flower Plant and how to use it as a detoxifying agent.

The late great herbalist Alfred Bowman, more commonly known as Dr. Sebi, was the first to introduce the Duck Flower Detox to the mainstream. He was known to administer The Duck to his guests at his Usha Village Retreat where they would experience the violent effects of this detox, followed by transformative healing.

Despite the shortage of backed-up scientific evidence, the duck flower detox has had proven traditional results.  Some of which includes; eliminating toxins from the body, improving liver health, improving the blood sugar level and many more health benefits.

Before we dive into the uses and benefits, it is important that we understand in brief, the basic deails of the duck flower detox.

What is the Duck Flower Detox?

The duck flower detox is a Jamaican traditional medicinal herb made from the blossom of a tropical plant botanically referred to as Aristolochia Grandiflora (Flor De Pato), and it is also called Pelican Flower. It got the name because the blossom resembles the form of a duck. It is an organic wild-crafted alkaline herb that contains a good deal of health benefits.

Its leaves are broad, cordate, and smooth, up to 25cm. Its flower is heart-shaped, about 15-35cm, with wide-long tails up to 10cm. Duck flower is green/white with purple/brown veins, and the center is dark in color. Its center smells like rotting meat or feet. Hence, it attracts and traps flies due to its rotten odor. It is an edible flower that contains aristolochic acid and many alkaloids. This aristolochic acid functions as a chemical defense. Hence, it is an effective and quick detoxifier that cleanses the body in a very rough way.

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Where Does the Duck Flower Grow?

The Duck flower (Aristolochia Grandiflora) is native to the Caribbean, Central, and Eastern North America. It can  can also find The Duck flower around Belize and Hamanasi gardens. It is also often found within the lowlands of southern Mexico to Panama and Jamaica. It is a rare plant in Jamaica harvested on deciduous vines on the hills of Jamaica. Its thriving condition is near or running along streams,rivers or gullis, with direct sunlight, well-drained, and sometimes with a midday shade.

How Does The Duck Flower Detox Work

Our body ingests toxin substances, and these toxins are lipid-soluble toxins that are very harmful to our central nervous system. It is often difficult for our body to excrete lipid(fat)-soluble molecules. Hence detoxification is necessary. Once you consume the duck flower detox, the detox converts the lipid-soluble toxins into water-soluble toxins.The converted water-soluble toxins move away from each cell to the kidney or bile. We eject these water-soluble toxins from our body either through sweating, feces, or vomiting.

Duck Flower Detox Uses and Benefits

The duck flower is well-known for its thorough and violent detox of the body system within 6-8 hours. The parts of this flower often used are the stem, leaves, and roots. People also use it as an anti-inflammatory agent, analgesic agent, and antioxidant agent. As a very violent detox, here are some vital traditional and evident benefits of using the duck flower detox:

Cleanses the Body System

As an anti-inflammatory agent, the duck flower detox contains iron. Iron helps remove inflammation from the system by cleansing the body of excess mucus, phlegm, or cough in the chest. It also holds some antibiotics properties that help fight against and kill bacteria or parasites in the intestine.

Improves sleep and ensures vitality

The duck flower odor has essential oils, and these essential oils contain terpenoids and nerolidol. Terpenoids aid relaxation, boosting energy levels and helping you get better sleep. The duck flower detox also contains flavonoids.  Flavonoids serve as an antioxidant that helps regulate cellular activity and fight off free radicals that may cause oxidative stress on your body. These chemical compounds help your body function as it should while still protecting it against everyday toxins and stressors.

Stimulate weight loss and Regulate heartbeat

The Duke flower contains protoberberine. Protoberberine (a bioactive compound) is an effective natural supplement that aids weight loss by inhibiting the growth of fat cells allowing you to have a lighter body. It also reduces blood sugar levels and lowers cholesterol, and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Induces menstruation and helps with menstrual pains

The Duck flower detox is very effective for women who have irregular menstrual cycles. It also contains an analgesic that reduces menstrual pain.

Treat hangovers, colds, and flu

The Duck flower contains botanical terpenes called linalool. Linalool helps with discomfort caused by hangovers. It is also antifungal and serves as a sedative to help treat colds and flu.

How is duck flower used?

Based on traditional health, its extract (either dried or blended) serves as a detox because its potentiality is not lost completely. Most of the time, the duck flower detox is effective when taken in a supplement form. This supplement form can either be in powdered form, in capsule, blended or diluted. Other times you may wish to add flavor or taste due to its pungent odor.

Organic duck flower (cut fresh from its vines) is best taken early in the morning before a meal or after a light breakfast. It is usually best advised to take this detox on a weekend or a day where you have less of a tight schedule. Why? Well, it has its crazy side effects that can disrupt your entire body system, which in turn can lead to a disorganized day at work or on a family date.

After cutting the duck flower, sundry the flower till the moisture evaporates. Soak it in fresh or distilled water for about an hour so it can rehydrate. After rehydrating, consume the entire flower, either chewing it as you do with fresh lettuce, or you could make a smoothie out of it with either water or a natural fruit juice.

During the detox, consume plenty of water or any fluid with electrolytes. A fluid with electrolytes contains sodium, sugar, calcium, potassium, chloride, and magnesium. They are essential because they help maintain the pH level and help move nutrients in and out of the cells,

After detox is complete, reintroduce plant-based food like fruits and veggies.

What are the side effects of using Duck flower Detox

The side effects start 3-4 hours after consumption. It starts with hot flashes, sweating, and nauseousness. These initial side effects tend to last for 3-8 hours. Then it can cause stomach discomfort, hives (dry hives), bowel movement, and vomiting. Usually, most people experience 5-6 episodes of vomiting after about 3-4 hours of taking the duck flower detox. It can also result in diarrhea, but this is often in extreme cases.

When consumed by pregnant women, it can cause miscarriage/abortion because it contains abortifacient chemical properties. It may also result in body aches, mood swings, and sometimes, a strong body odor.

Again, these side effects vary across different individuals. The intensity of these side effects depends on the strength of your immune system and how well your immune system can handle changes in your body.

For instance, if you are fasting or on a particular diet, your side effects will be more aggressive than for people who eat enough. After these side effects, you tend to feel relieved and light-weighted. Most times, you feel it up in your arms and head.

Aside from the health benefits that the duck flower detox provides, It has an active agent known as aristolochic acid. This acid is carcinogenic, mutagenic, and nephrotoxic. When consumed in excess or without prescription, it may result in cancer,  induce genetic mutation and cause toxicity in the kidney. Hence it's advised to consume the duck flower detox once or twice a year. It should not be an everyday detox.

Should you try the Duck Flower Detox? 

There is plenty of junk in our body system which is why herbs are vital if you know how to use and administer them. The Duck flower is a powerful treatment, so if you want an immediate detox, the duck flower is best to plant to use. Nonetheless, children below 18, pregnant women, and most especially breastfeeding mothers should never consume this detox. Also, do not consume it without first seeking medical advice from your medical health practitioner or physician.

Everyday, we ingest heavy and unhealthy toxins into our bodies through the food we eat, the water we drink, what we put on our skin, pollution and other sources. At times, our body system gets overloaded by these toxins, thereby causing various diseases. The prevention of these diseases is one reason people – most of whom are adults - gravitate towards cleansing and detoxifying their body system to maintain a balanced flow of nutrients and circulation of  blood.

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